Prices:  Modular Flight Training Courses

There are two pathways to achieve an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL); Modular or Integrated. Fly EPT Spain provides 'modular' flight training courses through partnerships with the very best in the business. All theory courses are delivered 100% online. Intensive flying training is performed in Spain and Portugal where the weather offers near perfect, year round flying conditions.

PPL(A) Full Theoretical Knowledge 'Online' Ground Course (Distance Learning) UK CAA + EASA

£ 499

  • EASA + UK CAA approved
  • PPL(A) Theoretical knowledge ground school is delivered as an online course via our very modern Web-based Training distance learning software platform, allowing you to study at home, at your own pace, around your own schedule, from anywhere in the world. 
  • 70 hours online home study
  • 30 hours virtual classroom tuition over ZOOM

Full course details here

EASA PPL(A) flight training

€ 6,998

  • For 45 hours flight training 
  • Tecnam P2002-JF   (Watch Video of our Tecnam P2002-JF circuit training in Larnaca)
  • Son Bonet Airport (LESB), PALMA de MALLORCA, Spain

Full course details here

Additional costs to consider:

  • PPL Online ground school (Full details here)
  • PPL Theoretical Knowledge examination fee - all nine (9) PPL exams can be sat in one (1) day in Luton, UK. Check price here  
  • EASA Class two (2) Medical examination. Search for an Aeromedical Examiner (AME) in the UK here, and in Spain here
  • ICAO English Language Proficiency (ELP) test fee (a test of aviation English), for the issue of your Radio-Telephony (RT) Operators Licence. Full details here.
  • Landing fees:  at Son Bonet Airport (LESB):  €2.71 full stop landing.  €10 for multiple ‘touch and go’ circuit practice.
  • Additional training above and beyond what is included in the programme (if required), which is calculated pro-rata the course price /45 hours.
  • PPL Skill Test:  Examiner fee + 2 hr. aircraft rental
  • If the PPL does not form part of a commercial flight training programme, IVA will be added to the cost of the aircraft rental 
  • Licence issue (After passing PPL skill test, you can choose any EASA country state for the issuance of your PPL licence. For example, German students completing their course in Spain can apply afterwards for a German PPL licence.
  • Any pilot equipment. Check here.
  • Accommodation - check lodging options here
  • Food and other personal living costs
  • Travel to and from the training location. Pilot accommodation is available on-site at Son Bonet Airport.
  • Personal insurances (if required)
  • Visas (if required) 

Night rating

€ 898

  • 5 hours (4 hours dual flight training + 1 hour solo)
  • Duration:  Two (2) nights
  • Price subject to IVA
  • Excluding: Airport handling fees, landing fees, accommodation (2 nights), taxi etc. Total cost for all extras = €600

Full course details here


€ 45 / flight hour

  • Price includes Flight Instructor ground brief + debrief

Aircraft Rental

€ 120  / hour (wet)

  • Includes fuel
  • Minimum block of 10 hours
  • Price subject to IVA

Note:  For a one-off flight, for example, conversion, SEP revalidation/renewal, air experience 'pleasure' flight, please contact us for a quote

Examiner Fee for Skill Test

€ 250 

  • One time Examiner fee that covers everything for the skill test
  • €75 + IVA admin fee is additionally charged for administrative licencing application forms

Hour Building (block hours)

€ 75 / hour (dry)

Hour building starts from €75 / hour (Dry) + IVA.
For block booking enquiries, let us know how many hours you need to fly over how many days and we will send you a price proposal. When a Dry lease rate is offered we provide you with a BP Aviation Fuel Card which offers a significant fuel price discount below market rate. Just fill up the tanks when you return the aircraft. If a Wet rate is offered, an hourly price is quoted dependent on the fuel price at the time.

Tecnam P2002-JF

  • Check Tecnam P2002-JF gallery of pictures here
  • 80 hours x €75 / hour = €6,000 + fuel
  • Tecnam P2002-JF aircraft based:  Son Bonet Airport (LESB), Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  • MoGas - Half price fuel
  • Lowest fuel consumption - Cheapest to fly
  • Full Tecnam aircraft details here
  • Accommodation at LESB airport:  €250/month

Full Hour Building details here

ATPL (A) or CPL Full Theoretical 'Online' Ground Course (Distance Learning) UK CAA + EASA

£ 1,499

  • 250 hours for CPL
  • 750 hours for ATPL

Our CPL and ATPL theoretical courses are UK CAA and EASA approved and can be delivered:

  • Online - via our very modern Web-based Training (WBT) distance learning software platform, and includes 10% classroom sessions delivered live over ZOOM. Study from home in your own time, at your own pace, around your own schedule, from anywhere in the world.
  • Virtual - delivered over ZOOM. Tune into the classroom using live TV, allowing you to study from home
  • Residential - 'in-house', full time classroom attendance in Luton, UK

The credits earned from passing this ATPL theoretical knowledge course shall be credited with 180 ECTS of the 240 ECTS required to complete a Degree programme which means you only need to undertake the remaining 60 ECTS in order to achieve a University Bachelor's Degree.

Full course details here

EASA Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) - Flying Course (Modular)

€ 7,104

  • 25 hours dual instruction

Note:  We are currently outsourcing the CPL modular flying course to a third-party ATO provider in southern Spain. However, subject to regulatory approval, we will be running the CPL modular flying course 'in-house' this year at Son Bonet Airport. 

 Phase 1

CPL Preparation Program - 3 months

PPL(A) + Night Rating + 100 hours PIC + ATPL Theory (EASA + UK)

175 flying hours

€ 23,394

200 flying hours with CPL

€ 30,498

Phase 1 initially starts with home study, followed by practical flight training at Son Bonet Airport, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. After PPL skill test, students are enrolled into the CPL/ATPL theory course and continue with hour building and the Night rating. Full details here

CourseLocationDurationPrice (£/€)
PPL Theory
'Online' Ground Course
- Distance Learning
'Online' Home Study
100 hours
£499 GBP

Private Pilot License

 Son Bonet Airport (LESB),
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Cheap accommodation available 
from €250 / month
1 month
€6,998 EUR
on Tecnam P2002-JF
€7,495 EUR
on Cessna C152
CPL(A) Theory
'Online' Ground Course
- Distance Learning
'Online' Home Study250 hours£1,499 GBP
Night VFR ratingSpain3 Nights€895 EUR
Hour Building
100 PIC hours
Spain1 month€75/hour (Dry)
+ Fuel
ATPL(A) Theory
Online Ground Course
- Distance Learning
'Online' Home Study750 hours

(Note:  CPL holders will be credited with 250 hours)
£1,499 GBP

 Phase 2

Professional Flight Training Modules

Upon completion of the CPL Preparation Programme, after passing all 13 ATPL theoretical examinations, students will have met the minimum flight time and academic requirements to commence phase 2; the CPL and ME-IR professional flight training courses.



Flying Course

Son Bonet Airport (LESB),
Palma de Mallorca,

Details coming soon

Flight Instructor 


Son Bonet Airport (LESB),
Palma de Mallorca,
Details coming soon

Students are guaranteed paid employment as a flight instructor. Bases: Palma de Mallorca or Lisbon

 Phase 3

Phase 3 is delivered by Irish Flight Training (IFT) ATO

Jet transition, Type rating

Jet transition training is provided by IFT and offers pilots with a f/ATPL(A) the chance to complete a Boeing B737 or an Airbus A320 full type rating course with base training. Entering the jet conversion training stage with IFT will open up numerous cadet airline placement opportunities. 

Airbus A320 full Type Rating course + Base training

Location:   Dubai or Dublin or London Gatwick

Boeing B737 full Type Rating course + Base training

Location:  Dublin or London Gatwick or Dubai

For type rating course enquiries, contact Irish Flight Training here