Phase 1

During phase 1 the student pilot shall do exercises up to first solo flight and comprises of at least 15 hours of dual flight instruction in a single engine aircraft. 

PPL(A) Exercise 1a - Familiarisation with the Aeroplane

1 hour

EASA requirements: -

(A) characteristics of the aeroplane; 

(B) cockpit layout; 

(C) systems;

(D) checklists, drills and controls

Additional reading

FAA Airplane Flying Manual

Disclaimer:  The material presented in these YouTube videos should not be used in place of actual ground or flight instruction. Consult a certified flight instructor before attempting to conduct any flight maneuvers. 

The following training videos supplement the flight training syllabus in the Flying Training Manual

PPL - Part - Aircraft Familiarisation

Checklist usage - Level 1

Aircraft systems - 01 - Parts of an aircraft

Aircraft systems - 02 - Flight Controls

Aircraft systems - 03 - Engines

Aircraft Systems - 04 - Landing system

Aircraft Systems - 05 - Fuel system

Fuel - How to Refuel at a Self-Service Fuel Station

Aircraft systems - 06 - Oil

Aircraft Systems - 07 - Hydraulics

Aircraft Systems - 08 - Electrical system

Aircraft Systems - 09 - Environmental system