PPL Flight Training Syllabus Exercises

The PPL flight training syllabus is divided up into 18 exercises that must be completed and mastered to the industry standard before you are allowed to test for your PPL (Private Pilots License). 

Some of the exercises will be combined together in a single lesson, others will be spread out over several lessons, while the rest will be built upon over consecutive lessons. Learning about flying, like cleaning a house, is a process. It never really ends! 

Below is a list of the flight briefings you will receive during your ‘ab-initio’ PPL fight training course covering the air exercises you will be flying. Click on the links, and you can watch a training video for that exercise.

Although you will receive a flight briefing before every flight, it can speed up your training if you read up on the exercise beforehand. Do watch the training videos, it will help to reinforce your learning.

Recommended reading:  

Trevor Thom - Air Pilot’s Manual Volume 1 – Flying Training (Blue book)

Contains the PPL practical flight training syllabus, includes all pre-flight briefings, how to fly the manoeuvres, air work summaries and the LAPL / PPL (A) skill test. 

You can order the very latest, most up to date eBook edition here

PPL Syllabus – EASA Ref: AMC 1 FCL.210.A (c) 2

To watch YouTube videos for each individual PPL flight training exercise, which are designed to support the Pooley's Air Pilot's Manual 1 - Flying Training blue book, select the PPL Lesson links below

PPL Exercise No.

PPL Lesson

General Handling
1aAircraft familiarisation
1eGround emergency drills
2Preparation for and action after flight
3Air Experience
4Effects of controls
5ETaxiing emergencies
6Straight and Level
10ASlow flight
11Spin avoidance
12Take-off & Circuit
13Approach and landing
12 & 13ECircuit emergencies (and Circuit considerations)
14First Solo Flight
Advanced Handling
15Advanced turning
16Forced landing without power
17Precautionary Landing
18aNavigation Low Level
18bNavigation High Level
18cNavigation Instruments