PPL(A) Exercise 5a:  Taxiing

EASA requirements: -

(A) pre-taxi checks;

(B) starting, control of speed and stopping; 

(C) engine handling; 

(D) control of direction and turning; 

(E) turning in confined spaces; 

(F) parking area procedure and precautions; 

(G) effects of wind and use of flying controls; 

(H) effects of ground surface; 

(I) freedom of rudder movement; 

(J) marshalling signals; 

(K) instrument checks; 

(L) air traffic control procedures

Disclaimer:  The material presented in these YouTube videos should not be used in place of actual ground or flight instruction. Consult a certified flight instructor before attempting to conduct any flight maneuvers. 

The following training videos supplement the flight training syllabus in the Flying Training Manual

Taxiing - Level 1

Taxiing - Level 2

How to Taxi in a X-Wind | Cross wind taxi procedures

Control Inputs while Taxiing

Taxiing - Airport symbols, Ground movement

Runway Signs, Lights and Runway Markings

Airport Lighting