PPL(A) Exercise 2: Preparation for and action after flight: 

EASA requirements: -

Preparation for and action after flight: - 

(A) flight authorisation and aeroplane acceptance; 

(B) serviceability documents; 

(C) equipment required, maps, etc.; 

(D) external checks; 

(E) internal checks; 

(F) harness, seat or rudder pedal adjustments; 

(G) starting and warm-up checks; 

(H) power checks; 

(I) running down system checks and switching off the engine; 

(J) parking, security and picketing (for example tie down); 

(K) completion of authorisation sheet and serviceability documents

Additional reading

FAA Airplane Flying Manual

Disclaimer:  The material presented in these YouTube videos should not be used in place of actual ground or flight instruction. Consult a certified flight instructor before attempting to conduct any flight maneuvers. 

The following training videos supplement the flight training syllabus in the Flying Training Manual

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