Exercise 11:  Spin avoidance

EASA requirements: - 

(A) safety checks; 

(B) stalling and recovery at the incipient spin stage (stall with excessive wing drop, about 45 °); 

(C) instructor induced distractions during the stall. 

Note 1: at least two (2) hours of stall awareness and spin avoidance flight training should be completed during the course. 

Note 2: consideration of manoeuvre limitations and the need to refer to the aeroplane manual and mass and balance calculations

Disclaimer:  The material presented in these YouTube videos should not be used in place of actual ground or flight instruction. Consult a certified flight instructor before attempting to conduct any flight maneuvers. 

The following training videos supplement the flight training syllabus in the Flying Training Manual

Stalls & Spin Avoidance