ATPL (Aeroplanes) Theoretical Knowledge Modular Online Ground Course (EASA-UK)

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EASA and UK CAA approved

Fly EPT Spain's ATPL theoretical knowledge instruction ground course is EASA and UK CAA approved under approval number AT.ATO.0173 and GBR.ATO.0176, respectively.

Fly EPT Spain's dual-approved course is a unique opportunity to complete the EASA and/or UK ATPL theoretical knowledge course and pass the exams including KSA in only nine (9) months, excluding study or exam breaks. There are 13 ATPL subjects to pass, divided into three (3) stages with each stage comprising of approximately 3 months of Distance Learning (average study time 15 hours per week), accompanied with web based training. A 5-day Ground School is scheduled at the end of each stage (which includes subject overviews and exam preparation) delivered virtually (over ZOOM, so you can remain at home) just prior to sitting each stage of the EASA and/or UK CAA exams. Tried and tested over 3 decades, this pioneering 3-stage system is the perfect balance for airline pilot candidates in the modern world.

ATPL Course Requirements

  • Hold at least any ICAO Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplanes)

You must hold (or have held) an ICAO-recognised PPL licence in order to undertake the ATPL course in a regulated manner and take EASA and/or UK exams. You may purchase the course without such a licence but your study will be 'for information only' and you will not be able to take official study or exams until you have an ICAO PPL.

  • Demonstrate sufficient academic ability in Mathematics and Physics to successfully complete the ATPL course
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of written and spoken English, to a minimum of ICAO Level 4 (Details here

ATPL Theory ‘Full’ Course - description

There are 13 ATPL subjects, grouped as follows:- 

Stage 1 (Operational) - 6 weeks

  • 040 - Human Performance & Limitations
  • 010 - Air Law & ATC Procedures
  • 070 - Operational Procedures
  • 091 - Communications (VFR & IFR)
  • 050 - Meteorology

Stage 2 (Navigation) - 8 weeks

  • 081 - Principles of Flight
  • 032 - Performance (A)
  • 033 - Flight Planning & Monitoring
  • 061 - General Navigation
  • 031 - Mass & Balance

Stage 3 (Technical) - 6 weeks

  • 021 - Aircraft General Knowledge (AGK) - (Airframes, Systems & Powerplant) 
  • 022 - Aircraft General Knowledge (AGK) - (Instrumentation)
  • 062 - Radio Navigation 

KSA 100 - Knowledge, Skills, Attitude

An applicant for a professional pilot licence should have successfully completed the applicable Area 100 KSA summative assessments and mental mathematics test before final examination.

Knowledge, skills, and attitudes (100-KSA) is a new subject area recently introduced as a compulsory module for students. It explores the pilot competencies, the non-technical aspects that airline pilots are assessed against. There is no associated EASA exam, however, your ATO is required to sign you off for this module prior to booking your final Austro Control examinations. The new Austro Control booking form incorporates a KSA section to be signed by your ATO.

Course Media

A feature-rich online web-based training system is included in all course packages. Full-colour printed text books are an optional extra. 

ATPL Theory course - Distance Learning

Our complete ATPL theory online ground course is a distance learning training solution and is delivered by CATS Aviation Training under the regulatory approval of EASA and the UK CAA. It allows for 100% online delivery with ‘classroom hours’ built up by students attending ‘live webinars’ and online revision weeks. CATS run a revision week for each of the 3 modules of the ATPL course. Students are required to attend at least 65 hours (10% of the total course hours) of live online classroom tuition to meet the regulatory course requirements and complete their CBT.    

In terms of timing, the pace of training can be determined by the students, which is perfect for those trying to fit in their studies around current employment schedules. Students would study as a CATS Aviation distance learning student using a digital e-learning platform, while also attending the live classroom teaching over ZOOM. The webinar revision weeks are delivered by instructors and cover topics across the whole ATPL syllabus.

Students are responsible for their own learning. While CATS would deliver the training and have oversight of the students’ progress, and be responsible for completing the official forms for your licensing authority to allow ATPL students to sit their EASA and/or UK CAA exams once they have completed their training.

CATS Aviation is the UK & Europe’s leading specialist in training for the EASA & UK CAA Instrument Rating (IR), Commercial Pilot's Licence (CPL), and Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL) theory exams for both fixed-wing and helicopter pilots. ATPL, IR, and CPL training programs are well‑tested and trusted in the industry, and in use across the UK, EU and the rest of the world.

Students will enjoy access to the best learning materials available. CATS have the unique ability to update training materials and the question bank, and to continually update and improve the material based on students’ feedback from the exams.

Aviation Study Guide Books

Digital books only. The course price includes full e-digital access to every subject's study guide but if you would prefer to have a hardcopy book they can be ordered separately.

ATPL Question Bank

There are over 10,000+ ATPL questions across all 14 subjects in the European Central Question Bank (ECQB) and we have an extensive question bank for you to study for your ATPL theory. Lovingly developed by students for students giving you all the questions you need to help you pass your ATPL theory exams. The database is regularly updated in real time, following student feedback after their exams. New ATPL questions are constantly added to the question bank to help you practice. Rest assured you will be kept up to date with the latest EASA and UK CAA questions, saving you any worry and allowing you to stay focused on the questions you need to concentrate on.

What is NOT included:

  • ATPL Exam fees, which is payable directly to the test centre. Note:  there are 13 exams, before any re-sits. The cost to sit an ATPL exam with Austro can be checked here, and with the UK CAA here.  is around £80/exam, dependent on who you book with. Also, as the ATPL Theory course is approved by UK CAA and EASA, if students plan to sit both sets of exams, each test would need to be paid for separately. 
  • A CRP-5 Computer and Jeppesen 'General Student Pilot Route Manual'
  • Box shown for Illustrative purposes only. No box will be shipped.

ATPL Theory Course - Price

ATPL Theory CourseCourse DeliveryPriceNotes
OnlineStudy from home£1,499 GBP
Most popular. Cheapest. Flexibly study the full course from home, around your own schedule, at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. 100% Online. 10% classroom tuition delivered over ZOOM.
VirtualStudy from home£2,999 GBP
Full time. 5 days/week (100 days). Tune-in to 'live' TV and follow instructor led classroom lessons from home using ZOOM Web camera.
Residential 'In-House'Classroom attendance£5,999 GBP
Full time. 5 days/week (100 days). Classroom attendance in Luton, UK
'Short' CourseStudy from home£599 GBP
For existing ICAO ATPL licence holders. No need to take the full course. Access the online question bank, study 15,000 questions and answers. Go straight to the exams.

ATPL Modular 'Online' Theoretical Full Course UK CAA + EASA


What is included:

  • Full Web-Based-Training 18-months course access, including online Study Guides, Question Bank and Progress Tests
  • Three (3) 4-day Distance Learning Ground Schools via TV (one per stage, week days only)
  • An online CAA Document Library (including CAP696, CAP697, CAP698 and CAP758)

Description - ATPL Distance Learning Full Course

There are 13 subjects to pass at ATPL level. Each stage is comprised of approximately 3 months of Distance Learning (average study time 15 hours per week), accompanied with web-based training. A 4-day brush up course is delivered (over ZOOM) at the end of each Stage (which comprises subject overviews and exam preparation) and is scheduled just prior to sitting each stage of the exams.

ATPL 'In-House' Full Course - Virtual


This is the full 100-day ATPL theoretical course delivered over ZOOM using live TV.

This virtual course allows you to study from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world and yet have full daily access to instructors and teaching.

What is included:

  • 20 weeks (5 days a week) Full time Ground School via TV
  • Full Web-Based-Training 18-months access (Including Online Study Guides, Question Banks and Progress Testing)
  • An online CAA Document Library (Including CAP696, CAP697, CAP698 and CAP758)

ATPL 'Residential' In-House Full Course


This is the Full ATPL theoretical residential in-house course held in Luton, UK.

What is included:

  • 100-days (5 days a week) Full time Ground School 
  • Full Web-Based-Training 18-months access (Including Online Study Guides, Question Bank and Progress Testing)


The UK-EASA dual-approved full time in-house residential course covers all 13 ATPL theoretical knowledge subjects including KSA in only five (5) months, excluding revision or exam breaks. 

The course is scheduled Monday to Friday, 1000 - 1600 hr. GMT. Students are expected to attend every lecture and complete online progress tests as home study. All 13 subjects are grouped into a 3-stage system; 6, 8 and 6 weeks (20 weeks in total). 

During training students undertake Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude (KSA) assessments in groups that allows us to determine and feedback desirable pilot attributes for the airline world. 

Deeper learning is encouraged with field trips to museums, air traffic control, and simulator centers', as well as social trips to encourage team building. We invite all potential students to visit and talk with current students and staff, so you can be completely comfortable with this important next step in your pilot career.

ATPL Theoretical Online 'Short' Course - Distance Learning

EASA + UK ATPL Online Question Bank


What is included:

  • Over 15,000+ ATPL exam questions, in line with what you’ll see in your exam
  • EASA and UK CAA approved
  • Regularly updated, consisting of questions generated from real exam feedback
  • 1-year online subscription access to the question and answers database
  • ATPL(A)&(H), CPL(A)&(H) and IR question options available 
  • Access to the online course, if further resources are needed
  • Ability to filter questions by subject, topic and keyword
  • Detailed explanations and illustrations included after each question, prepared by subject matter experts.
  • Ability to generate unlimited customized mock exams
  • Progress tracking feature.

Note:  This modular ATPL theoretical ‘short' course is for existing ICAO / FAA / UK CAA ATPL licence holders with a valid type rating on a multi-pilot aircraft or helicopter and meet the minimum experience requirements for an EASA ATPL (listed below), who wish to convert their licence to EASA. 

You do NOT need to attend a formal ground school course. 

Typically, for example, if you are a non-European flight crew member holding an ICAO / FAA ATPL, who has joined a UK or European airline, and are flying on a ‘general validation’ subject to converting your licence to UK CAA or an EASA Member State within 2 years, this 'short' course is for you. In these instances, you do NOT need to enroll in a 'full' theoretical course. You can go straight to the exams. Before then, however, you will need to brush up on the exam questions and answers and this is the 'short' course, where you only study the Q&A's.

To become eligible to enroll, you need to first request written approval from Austro Control by directly emailing:

Download the relevant application form:

ATPL (A) Application Form (Conversion)

Electronically (not hand-written) fill in sections 1-4, and include in 6 any supporting documentation:

  1. Copy of at least last 5 pages of logbook
  2. Copy of valid ICAO ATPL licence with valid type rating
  3. Copy of valid medical certificate
  4. Copy of Passport

Austro Control will check that you meet the minimum requirements and send you confirmation of exemption. 

You will receive exemption NOT to attend a formal ATPL course if you: -

  • hold an ICAO ATPL licence
  • have a valid type rating on a multi-pilot aircraft or helicopter 

And you meet the following minimum flight time experience requirements for an ATPL: -

  • 1,500 hours
  • 500 hours on multi-pilot aircraft
  • 250 hours pilot in command (or 500 hours PIC under supervision; or 70 hours PIC and 180 hours PIC under supervision)
  • 200 hours cross country
  • 75 hours instrument time
  • 100 hours night flying

Note:  the multi-pilot hours must be flown on an aircraft approved for multi-pilot operations by EASA

It is NOT mandatory for foreign ICAO ATPL holders to complete the full EASA ATPL theoretical knowledge instruction course once Austro Control confirm that you are qualified for exemption based on your previous flying experience.   

Once you receive Austro exemption approval, contact us to enroll in the short course. Fly EPT Spain is able to offer a 100% remote learning solution, whereby you study the ECQB questions and answers from home using a PC / iPad / tablet. We will book you in for the ATPL exams.

List of Austro Control ATPL Exam Centers.

Austro Control ATPL Exam Dates in Luton, UK

We are pleased to confirm Austro Control EASA ATPL exam sitting dates in:

Luton, UK - CATS Innovation Centre, 110, Butterfield Great Marlings, Luton LU2 8DL, UK        Check Map here

DateStart Time

29 - 31 January 2024


21 - 23 February 2024


26 - 28 March 2024


24 - 26 April 2024


12 - 14 June 2024


28 – 30 June 2024


24 - 26 July 2024


28 - 30 Aug 2024


25 – 27 September 2024


23 – 25 October 2024


27 - 29 November 2024

18 - 20 December 2024TBD

Accommodation while sitting PPL Exams in Luton, UK

You can book the Hilton hotel across the road from the Luton exam centre here. Select the 'Special Rates' tab. In Corporate Account, insert: N3068061 and you will receive a discounted rate along with free Wi-Fi, breakfast, at times a more flexible checkout as well as the ability to cancel up until the last minute (typically until 11:59 PM local hotel time the day before).

Hilton Garden Inn Luton North:  Butterfield Business Park, Hitchin Rd, Luton LU2 8DL, UK    See Map

Note:  The exam fees are not included in the course price.

Book EASA ATPL exams with Austro Control

To apply to take the EASA ATPL theoretical exams, choose the relevant Austro Control application form; type in your details using a home PC.

ATPL (A) Application Form (First time enrollment)

ATPL (A) Application Form (Conversion)

Email the form to and we will arrange for the ground school ATO to counter sign it. You will then need to email it to your chosen exam centre 21 days before test date. 

A new examination application form must be prepared before every sitting.  

Book ATPL exams with UK CAA

The UK CAA examination timetable can be checked here

You can register directly with the UK CAA in order to take a Professional Pilot Exam here.