SkyDemon arguably provides the best VFR flight-planning and navigation software on the market today and it can be downloaded onto virtually any device - iPad, Android, iPhone and PC. PPL students who prefer digital over aeronautical paper map charts will need SkyDemon during the cross country and CPL hour building phase. Fly EPT Spain is an official retail provider of the SkyDemon App. SkyDemon or Foreflight? Both are great. To summarize the difference: Foreflight = IFR SkyDemon = VFR

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SkyDemon Tutorial Videos

The following are a series of short videos (many just 1 minute long) giving you useful tips how to use SkyDemon

SkyDemon Tutorial Video - Overview

SkyDemon Tutorial Video - Getting Started and Using the Map

SkyDemon Tutorial Video - Weather Part 1

SkyDemon Tutorial Video - Weather Part 2

SkyDemon Tutorial Video - NOTAM

SkyDemon Tutorial Video - Weather Features

SkyDemon - Route Planning

SkyDemon - Filing a Flight Plan

SkyDemon - 4 Tips for making NOTAMs less painful

SkyDemon - Flyable Conditions

SkyDemon - Turning on IFR Features

SkyDemon - Direct to

SkyDemon - 3D View of Airfield

SkyDemon - Direction Indicator

SkyDemon - Basic Vertical Planning

SkyDemon - Colour High Terrain

SkyDemon - Night-Only Airspace

SkyDemon - Audio Features 

SkyDemon - Working with Wind

SkyDemon - Pin Airfield to Route

SkyDemon - Glide Range (flight over water)

SkyDemon - Setting Planned Fuel

SkyDemon - Using Flight Information Service

SkyDemon - VRP Finder

SkyDemon - Create Local Route

SkyDemon - Warnings Tab

SkyDemon - Share Route by Email

SkyDemon - Taking a Shortcut

SkyDemon - Double Tap

SkyDemon - Chart Detail

SkyDemon - Setting Approach

SkyDemon - Multiple Landings

SkyDemon - Pseudo ILS

SkyDemon - FIS Boundaries

SkyDemon - Setting Weights for Loading

SkyDemon - Georeferenced Plates

SkyDemon - Weather Time Slider

SkyDemon - Radio Tab

SkyDemon - Find a Destination

SkyDemon - Taxiway / Hold Finder

SkyDemon - Setting Personal MSAs

SkyDemon - 3D View of Airfield

SkyDemon - Unlocking Route in Flight

SkyDemon - Setting Takeoff Time

SkyDemon - Find Best Altitude for Flight

SkyDemon - Turning on IFR Features

SkyDemon - Introduction to GAFOR

SkyDemon - Managing Charts

SkyDemon - Chart Detail

SkyDemon - Chart Styles

SkyDemon - Resizing Virtual Radar

SkyDemon - Digital Logbook

SkyDemon - View All Flight Times

SkyDemon - Map and Instrument Sizes

SkyDemon - Virtual Radar Deep Dive

SkyDemon - Weather Part 1

SkyDemon - Weather Part 2

SkyDemon - NOTAM

SkyDemon - Flight Details

SkyDemon - Map Ruler

SkyDemon - Create Debriefing Pack

10 SkyDemon Tips - Flyer Magazine