Palma de Mallorca, Spain


Vacancies for Freelance Flight Instructors - Part Time - Son Bonet Airport, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Fly EPT Spain is hiring!

Due to our continued expansion, we are currently accepting applications from 'freelance' flight instructors, restricted and unrestricted, full or part-time.

Instructors can expect to be teaching PPL and Night ratings to student pilots, and performing proficiency check flights for PPL hour builders.

We are particularly interested to hear from former Flight Instructors currently flying for the airlines based in Palma de Mallorca as most of our PPL students are ATPL modular students.

Fly EPT Spain is a thriving DTO, operating an exceptionally well maintained Tecnam P2002-JF at its main base of operation in SON BONET Airport (LESB), PALMA de MALLORCA, Spain.

FI's will have the opportunity to hour build and earn competitive remuneration (starting €35 per hour), while enjoying Palma de Mallorca, a thriving tourist destination in the summer.

Accommodation on-site at Son Bonet Airport can be arranged, starting from €250 EUR per month.

Fly EPT Spain has a contractual partnership agreement with Irish Flight Training (IFT) ATO who provide Boeing B737 and Airbus A320 type rating courses with base training. FI's who join us, we are keen to see you progress your flying career and if you have aspirations to join the airlines and you would like to undertake a full type rating course, IFT will offer the course to our FI’s at cost price and this will open up numerous cadet airline placement opportunities.

Apply by completing this online Flight Instructor Registration Form

Please make sure you attach the following documents to your online application:
- CV
- Passport
- EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate
- Last 3 pages of logbook
- EASA/ICAO English Language Proficiency (ELP) endorsement certificate


Qualifications & Experience

- Ab-initio flying instructional experience

- Minimum 200 hrs. Total Time, 10 hrs. Instructional time
- Minimum EASA Commercial Pilot License (CPL) or frozen Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) with a Single Engine Class Rating.
- Minimum Flight Instructor Rating (restricted or unrestricted) with Night privileges
- Class 1 Medical Certificate
- ICAO English Language Proficiency (ELP) level 4+ or greater
- Good instructional technique